Pennsylvania Waiting List Campaign Fact Sheet
March 2024
The Pennsylvania Waiting List Campaign’s goal is to end the devastation of Waiting Lists for persons with intellectual disability (ID) and autism who need services through the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs (ODP). It is the only state Medicaid program whereby you are deemed eligible but wait on a list, sometimes years, not knowing when or if new funding is allocated in a budget.

What do we know about the people with ID on the waiting list?
Join the Movement: Support Governor Shapiro's Budget to Stop the Wait! Make Your Voice Count - Call Legislators Today!
Join us in supporting Governor Josh Shapiro's groundbreaking vision for Disability Services in PA! His 2024-25 budget plan is a game-changer for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism (ID/A). Immediate action is crucial to ensure this transformative initiative becomes a reality.
With an immediate increase in program capacity, Governor Shapiro's plan promises a brighter future for 1,650 additional Pennsylvania residents this year alone. But we can't stop there! His proposal aims to allocate an extra $78 million to support an additional 1,500 individuals on the waiting list next fiscal year.
This budget is more than just numbers; it's about providing independence and opportunities for thousands. We need your voice to push this vision forward. Call your local legislators TODAY and urge them to support Governor Shapiro's budget.
Let's turn our words into action and put an end to the wait for thousands of Pennsylvanians with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism. Every call counts towards ensuring a dignified life for all! Act now!