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On February 6, 2024,  Governor Shapiro delivered his 2024-25 budget address to the General Assembly yesterday afternoon. You can click here to access the transcript of the full budget address as prepared.  Governor Shapiro’s proposal calls for $48.3B in General Fund spending, a $3.7B, or 8 percent, increase over the current fiscal year. Of the total $14B in current budget reserves, $3B would be allocated to cover the increased spending.  Additional information on the proposal via the Office of the Budget: 

During his budget address, Governor Shapiro announced that he is proposing a remarkable investment in ID/A Services in PA. 

  • $216M to increase resources to providers of home and community-based services for more individuals in the Commonwealth;  allowing PA to draw down an additional $266M in federal dollars, 
  • $34M to provide home and community-based services for more individuals in the Commonwealth, and   
  • $920K to add American Sign Language interpreter services to the Consolidated, PFDS, Community Living, and Adult Autism Waivers. 

Gov. Shapiro noted, 

"Imagine if you couldn’t find the services they need and found out the only reason a caregiver isn’t available is because they’re getting paid a wage that they can’t live on because the state refuses to raise our rate. I know some members here don’t have to imagine it – they’re living it. Let’s make this the year that we get it done for Cindy, Judy, and Matthew and thousands of others like them all across Pennsylvania. And let’s show that this budget isn’t just a bunch of numbers on a spreadsheet – it’s a statement of values, of principles – of our commitment to our fellow Pennsylvanians."

What comes next? Starting the week of February 19, the House and Senate Appropriations Committees will commence a series of budget hearings. These sessions will involve various state agencies and other relevant entities to thoroughly examine each aspect of the proposed budget. 

The ID/A Associations across Pennsylvania, including TPA, issued a joint press release. You can click here to review that press release. 

We thank our members, colleagues, and friends for advocating and raising the voices of so many to Governor Shapiro. We will continue to analyze the budget briefing material and update members on developments as we learn more.  

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